Multimedia Piano Studio

2014 End of Year Concert Videos:

“La  Cinquantaine” (Gabriel-Marie) performed by Ashley, Angelinna, Breanna, Alex

“Too Cool!” (K. Olson) performed by Amirah Olaniyan

“My Heart Will Go On” (Horner/Jenning) performed by Tierney Stakkeland and Lucy Christensen

“Call of the Wilderness” (E. McLean) performed by Ashley Santos

“Lost My Partner” performed by Sophia, Gracee, Jaylen, Brandon, London, Genesis

“Touch a Rainbow” (D. Alexander) performed by Gerardo De Santos

“Fiesta de Mexico” (M. Bober) performed by Daniela Magaña, Gracie Payne

“Video Game Master” (M. Bober) performed by Luke Bergeson

“Navajo Sunset” (S. Ogilvy) performed byAmirah, Michael, SiAyla, Kimberely

“I See the Light” (Tangled) performed by Soraya ease

“Wild, Windy Day” (Faber) performed by Hillary Dogbe, Gracie Payne

“Painted Rocking Horse” (P. Keveren) performed byGracee, Jaylen, Brandon, Whitney

“Song of the Kilimanjaro” (Faber) performed by Jared Beaubien

“Memphis Madness” (J. Sifford) performed byDerek, Luke Bergeson, Gracie Payne

“Dance of the Autumn Leaves” (M. Bober) performed by Kyle Jorgensen

“The Entertainer” (Joplin) performed by Derek Bergeson

“Church Chimes” (M. Bober) performed by Brandon Swinger, Gracie Payne

“Victory Dance” (R. Bennet)performed by Alex Close

“Maple Leaf Rag” (Joplin) performed by Parker Hill

“Mice in the Attic” (S. Clark) Piano:  Manna Wu - Narrators: Danielle Okotcha, Brittney Richesen - Mice: Angelina Guzman, Amora Guzman

“Panis Angelicus” (C. Frank) performed by Leonardo Paxtian, Gracie Payne

“Flamenco Dancer” (M. Goldston) performed by Michael Duong

“Simple Gifts” (S. Brackett) performed by Sarah, Hannah, Danielle, Breanna 

“Danse Romantique” (C. Rollin) performed by Soraya Lease

“Sonatina in G” (Clementi) performed by Megan Hill

“Yesterday” (Lennon/McCartney) performed by Lucy,  Tierney,  Manna, Soraya

“Sneaky Fox Boogie” (E. Lin) performed by Luke Bergeson,  Derek Bergeson

“Gavotte” (J. S. Bach) performed by Vincent, Sydney, Lucy, Beanna

“Glacier Majesty” (D. Alexander) performed by Vincent Lara

“Dreamland Tree” (T. Brown) performed by Demi Montoya and Brittney Richeson

“Are You Sleeping?” Pianos:  Soraya, Sydney, Jared - Choir and recorders:   Hillary Dogbe,  Kimberely Avila, SiAyla Lease, Angelinna Guzman,  Brittney Richeson, Danielle Okotcha, Genesis  Castro, Sophia Mendez, Jaylen Frank, Gracee Frank, London Payne, Brandon Swinger, Whitney Raymond, Amirah Olaniyan.

“A Swing Thing” from “Jazz Suite” (K. Olson) performed by Derek Dunkin, Gracie Payne

“A Little Latin” from “Jazz Suite” (K. Olson) performed by Megan Hill, Gracie Payne

“Ballad for Julia” from “Jazz Suite” (K. Olson) performed by Vincent  Lara, Gracie Payne

“Blue Waltz” from “Jazz Suite” (K. Olson) performed by Parker Hill, Gracie Payne

“Changing Places” (E. Burnam) performed by Vincent Lara, Lucy Christensen

“The Tempest”  (Beethoven) performed by Derek Dunkin

“All of Me” (Jon Schmidt) performed by Parker Hill