Multimedia Piano Studio

2016 End of Year Concert Videos:

“Party Cat” (Phillip Keveren) performed by Beatriz, Megan F, Amalia, London, Megan H

“Song of Kilimanjaro” (Nancy Faber) performed by SiAyla Lease

“Owls at Midnight” (Melody Bober) performed by Keera, Miyah and Edwin

“Take it in Stride” (Jason Sifford) performed by Ashley Santos

“Play Ball” (Susan Ogilvy) performed by Jaylen, Gracee, Sydney, Jared, London, Maggie

“The Bold Escape” (Wendy Stevens) performed by Megan Fielding

“Concertante in G Major” (Dennis Alexander) performed by Vincent Lara and Gracie Payne

“Sleeping Beauty Waltz” (Tchaikovsky) performed by Kylee, London, Campbelle, Gunnar

“Warm Embrace” (Dennis Alexander) performed by Soraya Lease

“Sonatina Op 36 No3” (Clementi) performed by Sierra Kiel

“Summer Evenings” (Phillip Keveren) performed by Valeria, Rachael, Marcy, Megan H, London

“The Sun Comes Up” (Timothy Brown) performed by Sophia Mendez

“Lady Gaga Fugue” (S. Germanota and N. Khayat) performed by Megan Hill and Gracie Payne

“Showdown in Dodge City” (Keven Olson) performed by Sydney Beaubien

“Piano Concerto No 1 in B flat minor, Op 23” (Tchiakovsky) performed by Kylee Voss

“Sonatina in F major” (Clementi) performed by Hanna Okotcha

“Jesus Joy of Man’s Desiring” (J.S. Bach)
Pianos: Vincent, Derek, Luke, Tierney, Audrey
Recorders: Jared, Jaylen, Maggie, Sophia, Brandon, London, Molli, Amalia, Megan, Beatriz, Keera

“Waterfall” (Jon Schmidt) performed by Megan Hill

“Best Day of my Life”(Rhythum Cup Esplorations) performed by Derek, Luke, Audrey, Ashley, Katie, Gracee, Jaylen, Keera, Edwin, Miyah, Sydney, Jared

“Sarabande” (Handel) performed by Kimberely, Amirah, Lada, Leonardo

“Temple in the Moonlight” (Mary Leaf) performed by Katie Santos

“Mountain Rhapsody” (Kevin Costley) performed by Luke Bergeson

“Triple Dip” (Robert Vandall) performed by Soraya and Siayla Lease, Gracie Payne

“Aurora Borealis” (Nancy Faber) performed by Gracee Frank

“Swan Lake” (Tchaikovsky) performed by Lada Foryan

“Black Cat Boogie” (Kevin Olson) performed by Sophia Mendez and Brandon Swinger

“Prelude No 5 in Am” (Timothy Brown) performed by Hanna Okotcha

“Amazing Grace” (arr. Chris Lobdell) performed by Sierra Kiel and Gracie Payne

“Rock Around the Clock” (Freedman and De Knight) performed by Tierney, Gunnar, Audrey, Derek, Luke

“Autumn Ballad” (Nancy Faber) performed by Jared Beaubien

“Spanish Rhapsody” (Melody Bober) performed by Derek Bergeson

“Prelude in E minor” (Chopin) performed by Vincent Lara

“La La Lu” (P. Lee and S. Burke)
Pianos: Danielle, Sarah, Katie, Ashley, Jared, Megan H, Hannah, Sydney
  Recorders: Jared, Jaylen, Maggie, Sophia, Brandon, London,       Molli, Amalia, Megan, Beatriz, Keera, Kylee, Campbelle,             Valeria, Rachael
  Flutes: Hannah Okotcha and Sydney Beaubien
  Bells: Jared Beaubien

“So Long Farewell” (Richard Rodgers) performed by Sarah and Hannah Okotcha

“Tarantella” (Pieczonka) performed by Megan Hill