Multimedia Piano Studio

2012 End of Year Concert Selected Videos:

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"  performed by Kimberely, Amirah, SiAyla

“Swan in the Sunset” M. Bober (duet) performed by Danielle Okotcha, Gracie Payne

“Milo’s Lullaby”  performed by Sasha Kennedy

“Play Ball!” performed by Hailey, Alexandra, Leonardo, Megan, Manuel, Ximena

“Pixie Pranks” M. Leaf (duet) performed by Sydney Beaubien, Gracie Payne

“Owls at Midnight” performed by Brittney, Tierney, Marilyn, Ximena, Leonardo

“Pink Panther” H. Mancini performed by Alex Close

“Dance of the Wind” T. Brown performed by Leslie Jorgensen

“Prairie Wind” K. Costley performed by Brittnee Martinez

“Nine Blind Mice” performed by Miguel, Sasha, Alex, Isabel, Shailee, Sara

“Eternally Music” N. Faber (duet) performed by Ximena Garcia, Gracie Payne

“Scherzo in D minor” Gurlitt performed by Megan Hill

“Up Theme Song” performed by Soraya Lease

“Allegro” Mozart performed by Breanna, Jefferson, Soraya, Sasha, Jordan

“Palomino Gallop” M. Bober (duet) performed by Kaleb and Dallin Hawkins

“Song of the Sahara” K. Olson (duet) performed by Sarah and Hanna Okotcha

“By the Spring” Gurlitt performed by Jefferson Garcia

“Mozart by a Nose” performed by Lucy Christensen, Tierney Stakkeland
Choir and recorders: SiAyla, Kimberely, Amirah, Marilyn, Leonardo, Manuel, Isabel, Keri, Sydney, Ximena, Lucy, Tieney

“Sunset Soliloquy” D. Alexander performed by Derek Dunkin

“The Crawling Spider” Faber (duet) performed by Marilyn Dogbe, Gracie Payne

“He’s  a Pirate” K. Badelt performed by Jordan Richeson

“Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue” R.Henderson (duet) performed by Sara Mengist, Gracie Payne

“Sparkling Brook” M. Goldston performed by Hailey Tolliver

“The Storm” Burgmüller performed by Parker Hill

“Jazzy” K. Costley (duet) performed by Alexandra Dogbe, Gracie Payne

“Are you Sleeping?” (duet) performed by Manuel Figueroa, Gracie Payne

“The Lady and the Dragon” C. Goldston performed by Keri Kennedy

“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” Tchaikovsky (duet) performed by Brittney and Jordan Richeson

“Peter and the Wolf” Prokofieff performed by Juliana, Lucy, Sydney, Breanna, Megan

“Daydreaming” by T. Brown performed by Shailee Perry

“Fur Elise” Beethoven performed by Vanessa Montano

“The Magical Forest” Suite for piano by Nancy Lau performed by Juliana, Alex, Megan, Sasha, Shailee, Soraya, Gracie
Narration: Elise, Kaleb and Dallin Hawkins