Multimedia Piano Studio

2013 Spring Concert Videos:

“Showdown in Dogbe City”  (K. Olson)  Performed by Kyle Jorgensen 

“Storm Chasers” (K. Olson)  Performed by Brittnee Martinez 

“Kilimanjaro”  ( Faber)  Performed by Sydney Beaubien 

“Mysterious Nile” ( D. Alexander)  Performed by Alex Close 

“Fiesta”  (Palmer)  Performed by Manuel Figueroa 

“Clowns” (Kabelevsky)  Performed by Breanna Guzmán

“On the Streets of Cairo” ( K. Olson)  Performed by Leslie Jorgensen

“Viento Caliente” “A Sudden Storm” (K. Olson)  Performed by Michael Duong  duet. (E. McLean)  Performed by Gerardo De Jesús and Gracie Payne

“Spanish Intermezzo” duet . (Faber)  Performed by Tierney Stakkeland and Gracie Payne

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” duet  Performed by Angelinna Guzman and Gracie Payne

“Would You Dance With Me?” (J.  Grill)  Performed by Soraya Lease

“El Velorio” duet ( Ignacio Cervantes)  Performed by Juliana Rodriguez and Brittnee Martinez

“Oquirrh Mountains Shining” (K.Olson)  Performed by Megan Hill

“Watching the Star” duet  (M. Bober)  Performed by Charmain Dunn and Gracie Payne

“Sonata in D minor”  (Cimarrosa)  Performed by Parker Hill 

“Scherzino” (D.  Alexander)  Performed by Juliana Rodriguez

“Our Detective Agency” duet  (Faber)  Performed by Jared Beaubien and Gracie Payne

“Jack and the Beanstalk” ( Faber)  Performed by Miguel Vela

“The Clock Shop” trio.  (Faber)  Performed by Kimberely Avila, SiAyla Lease and Gracie Payne

“Punch and Judy”  ( E. Baumgartner)  Performed by Keri Kennedy 

“Cartoon Kids” duet (Faber)  Performed by Amirah Olaniyan and Gracie Payne

“Fire and Wind” ( J. Vogt)  Performed by Marilyn Dogbe

“Ode to Joy”  (duet)  Performed by Hillary Dogbe and Gracie Payne

“Watch Out for the Witch’s Cat”  (T. Brown)  Performed by Alexandra Dogbe

“Starship Galileo” ( Mary Leaf)  Performed by Sarah Okotcha

“Appaloosa” (Ane Demarest)  Performed by Hannah Okotcha

“Pirates of the North Sea” duet. (Faber)  Performed by Brittney Richeson and Gracie Payne

“First Loss” (Schumann)  Performed by Juliana Rodriguez

“Daydream” (Tchaikovsky)  Performed by Sasha Kennedy

“Fantasy in D minor” (Mozart)  Performed by Shailee Perry

“Warrior’s Song”  (Heller)  Performed by Derek Dunkin