Multimedia Piano Studio

Studio Policy for the 2019- 2020 Piano Teaching Year



   The primary purpose of piano lessons is to develop musically sensitive people, who enjoy what they are doing. Excellence, creativity, sharing, and self-esteem are stressed and valued.



   My teaching year begins in September and goes through the following June.

You are expected to commit to lessons through June, 2020. If you decide to discontinue lessons, I would appreciate a 30-day notice.

   Students will average 4 lessons per month over the teaching year. The number of lessons each month may vary. They will average a total of 36 lessons in the school year.

   The following holidays will be observed: Labor Day,(Sept 2) Thanksgiving (Nov 27.-29), Christmas Vacation,(Dec.23 to Jan 3) Spring Break (April 6 to 10), and Memorial Day.(May 20th)

We will have lessons on Monday Jan. 21th ( Martin Luther King Day) February 17th (Presidents' Day) October 12th (Colombus Day) November 11th ( Veterans Day)

   Students are expected to arrive on time for their lessons in order to receive their full hour of instruction and not to disturb the other student's time. 



   The registration fee is $30 per student and must be paid in May, in order to reserve the student's place in class. This fee is used to cover the cost of all the material I give to each student to file in their binders i.e. special repertoire music, theory papers, technique, composer’s biography and other supplies used in the studio, as well as the time it takes to prepare a personalized lesson plan for each student. 

   The fee for the 60 minute piano lab lessons, given weekly, is $90 per month and is due the 10th of each month. A late fee of $10 will be assessed for payments received after the 10th. During a portion of the lesson hour, the student will work on the computer studying music theory.   

   Please understand that you are paying for 36 lessons that are broken up into equal payments so you can more easily budget, whether the student gets 2,3,4 or 5 lessons in a particular month.


   You will be advised of fees for adjudication, festivals and recitals in which the student may participate.



   Lesson times are reserved for the student. I do not deduct for missed lessons except for an extended illness. If there is a planned absence, please call ahead of time, and I will try to re-schedule, if possible. Cancelled lesson spots in a given week will be made available to other students for make-up lessons. If for some reason I must cancel a lesson, it will be made up.

Swap List:

Due to a full schedule, it is very difficult for me to re-schedule lessons. You are invited to participate in this Swap List for the times that you need to change your lesson time.

This is a cooperative effort of families working together to assure regular study

The student and parent need to make the swap by contacting the student and parent in the list with whom they wish to swap. Once the swap has been arranged, the parent requesting the swap is responsible for notifying me 24 hours in advance, in order for me to be ready for that change.

Please let me know if you want to be in the Swap List and then I will give you all the information.



   I will give a list of materials to the student at the beginning of the school year. When they need to buy other books during the year, I will send a note home with the student. Please be sure the student brings all his/her material to class every week.



   You must have a piano or a full–sized keyboard (88 keys) touch sensitive.

Please understand that a Keyboard will work for students in an elementary level. Once the student reach an intermediate level, he/she will need an acoustic piano.A piano must be tuned at least once a year. Piano technicians I recommend is Steve Anderson (509-433-4014) And Peter Meyer (509-770-6500)

The piano should be located in a well-lit place that allows practicing to be done with as few distractions as possible.



   Students who establish good practice habits from the beginning will progress more rapidly and find piano practice and lessons more enjoyable. The amount of time required for good quality practice will vary depending on the student’s age and playing level. It is important that the practice is done on a consistent daily basis with a clear goal in mind. Specific practice assignments are given each week.

   I have a firm belief that without practice there is very little that I can do to help your student be a pianist. Parents need to be involved in this process by helping students make and maintain a good practice schedule. You can encourage your student by listening to him/her at home and attending recitals.

   Parents can help students be responsible for their assignments by checking their assignments every week and monitoring their practice record.

For young students, 6 to 8 years old, it is very important to have a lot of support at home. They are not old enough to remember to practice every day. They need somebody at home to help them go through their homework. Don’t expect them to do everything on their own.



   In order to maintain a proper hand position, short fingernails are an absolute requirement.



   During the school year the students will have the opportunity to participate in festivals, adjudications and recitals. These recitals and activities are a good opportunity for parents to listen to their students play solos and ensemble music, and for the students to achieve goals during the school year.



   Every week I will assign homework which is very important for the student to accomplish. I recommend to the students to make a schedule of practice. This will help me know how much time the student practices at home.

Please, encourage your student to do all his/her homework which include, pieces from their method books, technique and special repertoire for solos or ensembles.

   I highly recommend that the student practices immediately after the lesson if possible. Up to 50% of the knowledge acquired during a lesson is lost if practice is postponed until a latter day.


I will send an evaluation of the student's progress every week. You need to sign it and bring it back to me on the next lesson day.

Students who obtain an "A" average during a trimester, will get a certificate as an excellent student. If they collect three certificates during the school year, they will get a medal at the end of school concert for being an outstanding student. 

Thank you for your support.

Gracie Payne. NCTM.