Multimedia Piano Studio

Technology and Teaching Aids


  • Upright Yamaha Piano:  This is my main instrument, where I listen to the students every week.
  • Two Technics Digital pianos, one Yamaha DG-305 keyboard, one Yamaha DGX-660 digital piano, one Cassio WK-1630 keyboard and one Technic KN-700 keyboard.
  • I use all my digital keyboards to play ensemble music and to use MIDI-disks during the piano lesson time, and activity time. I also move my digital pianos and keyboards to the stage for the concert at the end of school year, Christmas and spring recitals.

     Two computers stations and ipad

  • I use Music Ace, Midisaurus, Music Learning Community, Piano Marvel , Piano Maestro , Simply Piano and Essentials of Music Theory. I use all these programs and online resources to reinforce theory concepts, ear training, music history, music appreciation and composition.

    Flash Cards and work books

  • Diverse flash cards and work books to practice rhythm pattern, note reading, musical signs, etc.


  • I use many different games to reinforce what we learn during the 30 minute piano lessons. Practicing rhythm, reading notes, scales, chords, etc. is more fun when we do it through games.
  • Iā€™m also a member of ā€œLearning Music Community.comā€ a website where the students can go and practice theory and ear training through fun games. They can work from my studio or from their own homes.

      Younger students learn to play recorders and hand bells.